Stock hammocks and tarps ship in 5 days or less. Current lead time for custom hammocks is 2-4 weeks. Custom tarps are 4-6 weeks.

Handmade Custom Hammock Camping Gear

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Discover our Handmade Hammock Camping Gear

All hammock gear built by the Teton Hammock Company is engineered, built and tested to perform in the harsh, high-altitude conditions of the Teton Mountain Range. Unlike other parts of the country, our snow and rain does not necessarily fall straight down. More times than not, we find our precipitation “falling” horizontally, and at great velocity. Because of this, all of our hammock gear has extra reinforcements at crucial points, double and triple stitched seams, and extra insulation all while keeping our weights comparable to other cottage manufacturers’ specs.

The Teton Hammock Company was founded by Marc Bohman, a 30+ year veteran backpacker and hiker.  After reaching that magical age when wisdom and experience began to win out over the conventional thought that sleeping on the ground in a tent was the only way to camp, Marc was introduced to his first “new style” parachute hammock.  Being a gear-hound, he knew he had to have one, if for no other reason than it was just “cool”!  After sleeping in the hammock for the first time in the Grand Tetons,  Marc knew that hammock camping was a far superior way to camp. Check our our Facebook page and connect with us!

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At the Teton Hammock Company we strive to engineer and build the highest quality hammock camping gear available. Our goal is to create gear that will perform to the highest degree and in the harshest of weather conditions.

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