Lead Times vary per product. Stock hammocks ship within 7 days. All other tarps and hammocks have a lead time of 4-6 weeks. Please contact us for quilt lead times.

We build high quality, lightweight, low cost, outdoor hammocks for: backpacking, hunting, camping, and all outdoor enthusiasts needs.

built just for you

Discover our Handmade Hammock Camping Gear

All hammock gear built by the Teton Hammock Company is engineered, built and tested to perform in the harsh, high-altitude conditions of the Teton Mountain Range. Unlike other parts of the country, our snow and rain does not necessarily fall straight down. More times than not, we find our precipitation “falling” horizontally, and at great velocity. Because of this, all of our hammock gear has extra reinforcements at crucial points, double and triple stitched seams, and extra insulation all while keeping our weights comparable to other cottage manufacturers’ specs.

The Teton Hammock Company was founded by Marc Bohman, a 30+ year veteran backpacker and hiker.  After reaching that magical age when wisdom and experience began to win out over the conventional thought that sleeping on the ground in a tent was the only way to camp, Marc was introduced to his first “new style” parachute hammock.  Being a gear-hound, he knew he had to have one, if for no other reason than it was just “cool”!  After sleeping in the hammock for the first time in the Grand Tetons,  Marc knew that hammock camping was a far superior way to camp. Check our our Facebook page and connect with us!

Don't take our word for it

  • My daughter ordered a custom one. She wanted a print with stars. When the fabric she picked out came in, Marc realized the detail of the print was not going to be what she hoped for. He found an even better design and she loves it! Personal attention to detail from a passionate craftsman!

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    Kara W.
  • I absolutely love the hammocks made by the Teton Hammock Company. They are unique in prints, lightweight, and comfortable. You will not be disappointed in any of their products.

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    Amanda B.
  • Amazing products and team. Highly recommend.

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    Bryan M.
  • "I have several cottage-manufacturer hammocks, and this one is my favorite for overnights where bugs aren't a problem, and for lounging on day hikes. The fabric is soft, and it's easy to find comfortable positions. Definitely packs the smallest too. Highly recommended."

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    Mike C.
  • Great products, hand made in Idaho. Excelent attention to detail, reinforced in the right places.

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    Harlan L.
  • Product made with quality and pride in each hammock. A must to purchase for you won't be disappointed! Buy your's today.

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    Jason B.
  • I love hammocks but this one is my fave! Looking forward to more products coming online!

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    Brandon L.
  • This Company is AWESOME!! If you like to hammock camp, this is the place for you !!! If you haven't done it yet, TRY HAMMOCK CAMPING !! YOU WILL BE AMAZED !

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    Michael S.
Teton Hammock Company Logo

Teton Hammock Company: Where you can find the best hammock gear

THC makes high-quality, long lasting custom hammocks and tarps that are perfect for your next backpacking trip.

We set out to build the best hammocks on this planet, and with our dedication you can rest assured that we will never stop innovating or looking for new ways to create amazing products.

In the world of camping gear, there are a lot of options but you only get one shot at choosing your hammock – so why not choose well?
Teton Hammock Company is dedicated to engineering high-quality hammocks because when it comes down to sleeping arrangements in an unfamiliar place; quality counts!

Soulful Camping With The Most Comfortable Hammocks!

Camping is so much more than just an urge for adventure! It requires proper gear and the general know-how of everything that is involved in the process. Several things can make your camping trip comfortable, but the most essential of them all is a HAMMOCK! 

If you share a passion for camping, we have for you the best camping hammock made of quality materials. Our hammock is the ultimate solution to all your camping troubles and even has support accessories to ensure you safely enjoy your camping or hunting trip.  

The Best Backpacking Hammock For All Our Trekkers!

Teton Hammock Company aims to revolutionize the camping experience by making it more accessible, comfortable, and safe. Our hammocks are produced keeping in view the harshest of climatic conditions to ensure the safety of our customers. An outdoor camping hammock needs to be sturdy, comfortable, lightweight, and easy to hang to ensure safety and peaceful sleep. Teton Hammock Company recognizes this need and manufactures quality hammocks to assist our campers and trekkers in their adventures. 

Customize Your Camping Hammock Tarp For An Elevated Experience

Not able to find a hammock that matches your aesthetic? Teton Hammock Company offers customization options for a more personalized look. We have more than 17 basic colors and 17 thread colors for you to choose from. All you have to do is choose a basic hammock type and select the “Choose an option” tab. You will be redirected to the customization page, where you can mix and match the basic colors with thread colors for the look you desire. Get the best backpacking hammock customized for your next adventure! 

Camping Hammock Tarps That Are Built To Last

Engineered to withstand rough conditions

Nature works in mysterious ways; one moment, it could be shining bright, and in the next, it could rain rivers. A camper can never be 100% sure of how the weather will turn out to be like! We understand the uncertainty involved and produce hammocks that can withstand all seasons with ease. Even if you plan a winter hammock camping trip, our tarps will safeguard you from the snow and the winds. 

Built to deal with the horizontal hazard

It rarely rains or snows straight down, and it can be really tricky to avoid horizontal precipitation. So, we created one with extra strong reinforcements at all the essential points to deal with it. Our outdoor camping hammock is ideal for all camping, hunting, or other adventurous expeditions. 

Great value for money

Camping is a passion for many, and the thrill we experience in the wild is far from anything that a city can offer! However, camping gear can cost a lot, and it is essential to make a wise investment. If you are looking for the best camping hammock that can assist you on your adventures from jungles to mountains, we provide hammocks made from top-quality materials. 

Use of finest material

The quality of a hammock depends on the insulation, stichting, and reinforcement at crucial points but, more importantly, on the type of material used. All the hammocks listed on our website are built with the finest fabric and material, including Gutermann thread, HyperD or Hexon ripstop. Safe camping with Teton Hammocks!

30+ Years Of Backpacking And Hiking Experience Weaved Into Hammocks!

Teton Hammock is the brainchild of our founder Marc Bohman. He focused his experience of more than 30 years into creating a hammock that every camper and hiker desires! His backpacking and hiking adventures made him realize that no other way of camping can beat hammock camping. 

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