Lead Times vary per product. Stock hammocks ship within 7 days. All other tarps and hammocks have a lead time of 4-6 weeks. Please contact us for quilt lead times.


Discover our Handmade Hammock Camping Gear

All hammock gear built by the Teton Hammock Company is engineered, built and tested to perform in the harsh, high-altitude conditions of the Teton Mountain Range.

Unlike other parts of the country, our snow and rain does not necessarily fall straight down. More times than not, we find our precipitation “falling” horizontally, and at great velocity.

Because of this, all of our hammock gear has extra reinforcements at crucial points, double and triple stitched seams, and extra insulation all while keeping our weights comparable to other cottage manufacturers’ specs.


Camping Hammocks By Teton Hammocks- Engineered For Adventure!

Camping or hiking can be a fun activity to enjoy with family, friends, or alone. Climbing in the day and stargazing at night is an experience we simply can’t get enough of. If you love camping or hiking, hammock camping can be an attractive option for you. 

A lightweight hiking hammock can be a game-changer for most campers and hikers. Once you experience the serenity sleeping in a hammock brings, there is no going back to the tents. Camping hammocks are not only a relaxing option but also take up less space compared to a tent in your backpack. 

If you are tired of sleeping on uneven grounds with scratchy surfaces, a camping hammock with bug screen is your best bet. These camping hammocks are suspended in the air with a comfortable sag to provide optimal support and comfort. 

Teton Hammocks- Weaving 30 Years Of Experience In Camping Hammocks!

All you need for a relaxing sleep on your camping trip is our special hammock designed to provide comfort and safety. A single hammock with bug screen from Teton Hammocks can be enough for all your adventures, be it in the woods or mountains. Our camping hammock with bugnet is an ideal solution for all campers and hikers looking for a way to keep insects at bay without the hassle of carrying a tent. 

Why choose Teton Hammocks?

  • Built for Teton Mountain range

Unlike other mountain ranges, it rarely rains or snows straight down in the Tetons. The harsh and high-altitude range can make it challenging for hikers to camp. Our screened hammocks have been built to withstand the dynamic and extreme climatic conditions.

  • Built for the horizontal hazard 

Our lightweight hiking hammocks have triple-stitched seams and extra reinforcements at crucial points to safeguard our customers from climatic perils. As a result, the high-velocity winds and horizontal precipitation have little impact on our backcountry hammocks.  

  • Highly compact 

No need to carry an extra backpack or cut out on essential supplies to accommodate your sleep system as our camping hammocks with mosquito nets are highly compact and lightweight. 

  • Value for money

Camping and hiking equipment, especially hammocks, can cost a lot, depending upon the design and insulation. This makes it essential for all campers and hikers to invest in products that provide value for their money. Netted hammocks by Teton Hammocks are designed to withstand the harshest of weather conditions and offer significant value for your investment. Our hammocks are created using top-quality materials and work very well in the long run. 

Design Your Own Camping Hammock With Teton Hammocks!

If you wish to customize your hammock with net to match your dynamic style, Teton Hammocks is the place for you! We understand how valuable and personal a hammock is for our fellow campers and hikers and offer color and thread customizations in 17 colors. Our hammocks are more than your camping companions; they are an extension of who you are! 

The key considerations while buying a hammock include comfort, weight, insulation, and safety. We offer all these AND more! We offer to make your hammock as personal to you as possible. Choose from our 17 variants of base colors and 17 variants of thread colors to customize it in line with your dynamic style. 

Camping Hammocks By A Camping Veteran!

Marc Bohman founded Teton Hammocks after he spent 30+ years hiking and camping. His first time camping with a hammock is what changed the world for him! Being a gear head himself, he made sure that Teton Hammocks produced the best camping hammocks. All our hammocks are subjected to rigorous testing and numerous quality checks to ensure our customers have a great time relaxing on their camping or hiking trips. 

Explore our finest range of Hammocks and buy the one that suits your needs!

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