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Presenting The Summit Three And Four-Season Hammock Tarps

This tarp is designed as a system that can take you anywhere from a weekend outing all the way to a rugged backcountry experience.

Why is the Summit the best hammock tarp out here?

What really sets the shelter apart from others is that our Summit hammock tarps are made from a 1.1-ounce silicone-coated polyester fabric with a flat felled Ridgeline instead of a taped or grosgrain seam.

All of our tie-out points are reinforced with a 400 D diamond ripstop nylon Pack cloth. All of our tarps have a 12-foot Ridgeline. And when they’re set up properly at about six and a half feet wide, that gives you a 50-foot dry space underneath the tarp.

Including tie-outs, all of our tarps weigh a standard 23 ounces. These tie-outs are made from Lawson Glowire, which has a reflective polyester sheath and a polyester core that resists stretching when wet.

The Summit hammock tarp will withstand more weather than most people are willing to stay out in.

I’ve tested it in thunderstorms, all night in the rain, at 9,800 feet in the snow, 17 below temperature, s and even clear blue skies on a sunny day.

Unlike other hammock tarps, our catenary cut on the side is much bigger. Where others have rolled their edges, we finish ours with synthetic edging.

Even with all this extra attention to detail, we’ve still maintained the 23-ounce standard weight with our tarps. The Summit also comes with tie-outs already installed, where other brands leave you to buy your own.

Hammock Tarps- An Ideal Companion For Your Hammock!

Carrying a tarp is as essential as carrying a hammock. It will not only help you camp year-round but also save a lot of space in your bag compared to tents. Hammock tarps are what make it possible for us campers and hikers to lounge comfortably in the wilderness without being exposed to uncomfortable elements. 

Hammock rain tarps create a reliable shelter for the campers while they are lounging and are incredibly versatile. Hammock tarps can also be used in the sun when there isn’t enough shade in the spot you choose to hang your hammock. 

Hammock Camping Tarps- Your All-Season Accessory For Hammocks

Teton Hammocks offers quality tarps to help you shield yourself from the scorching heat of the sun, rain, or snow. Our all-season tarps are highly versatile and can prove to be your best companions all year round. Backpacking hammock tarps are a lightweight and effective solution to most of your camping problems. In addition, they are easy to set up and take up very little space in your backpack, making them an invaluable addition to your must-have camping accessories. 

Why is using a Hammock With Tarp And Bugnet A Good Option?

Using a hammock to lounge while camping or hiking is convenient, comfortable, and fun. However, if we do not equip our hammocks with the necessary accessories, it could turn out to be an unpleasant experience. Using a hammock with a tarp and bugnet will allow you to make the most of your time in the wild regardless of your terrain. In fact, hammock camping tarps are considered the most optimal option for mountain trekkers and hikers as it can be very challenging to find a flat surface on a mountain to lay your tent. All you need to hang your hammock with tarp and bugnet are two strong-rooted trees, and you can enjoy your time in peace.  

The Advantages Of Buying Hammock Camping Tarp From Teton Hammocks

Not like your regular tarps 

Most generic tarps are made using taped or grosgrain seams. On the other hand, Summit tarps from our collection are built with quality materials and can be used in the harshest of climatic conditions. Our Summit tarps are the best hammock tarps made from 1.1 silicone coated polyester fabric. In addition, they have a flat-felled ridgeline making them an ideal solution for all campers, hikers, or trekkers. 

Highly durable

Our hammock and tarp combo is engineered for perfection. They can withstand rough usage and harsh conditions without suffering undue wear or tear. 


The safety and comfort of our customers are our top priority. To ensure our products provide value for their money, we subject them to rigorous testing and quality checks. All our hammock rain tarps are tested to withstand thunderstorms, snow, wind, and high elevation camping. We ensure our tarps are adequate to protect our customers even in temperatures below 17 degrees Fahrenheit. 


Limited space is a common problem among campers, trekkers, and hikers. So, we created a product that weighs under 23 ounces and is packed with all the necessary features. Our hammock camping tarps help you save space for other essential camping accessories. 

Trust The Best When It Comes To Camping Gear!

The accessories you include in your camping gear can determine the comfort and safety of your camping adventure. This is why it is imperative to choose wisely and opt for quality accessories. As fellow campers and hikers, we know exactly what can help our customers make the best of their adventure and produce quality products to assist them. So select from our range of versatile hammock tarps for a safe, comfortable, and adventurous camping trip! 

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