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Custom Hammocks From Teton Hammock Company

Custom HammocksTeton Hammock Company doesn’t just supply the best camping hammocks, we supply them according to your tastes and requirements. 

Our custom hammocks come in a wide variety of colors so you can find the perfect camping hammock for you!

There’s also a variety of different custom hammocks to choose from, depending on what type of camping you plan on doing. Whether it’s winter camping or you plan on going somewhere with a lot of insects and other itchy lifeforms, we have you covered.

Backwoods Hammocks

Perfect for spring and summer camping, these custom hammocks come in a variety of colors, they’re water resistant and ultra light-weight (like all of our hammocks), and are easy to set up.

Made with HyperD nylon, a lightweight diamond grid nylon fabric that’s just as strong as it is comfy, expect a great night’s sleep (or a lounge session) in this hammock customized to your exact color specifications.

Bug Net Hammocks

Going somewhere with a lot of mosquitoes or bugs in general? Our bug net hammocks are perfect for the occasion.

The bug nets in these custom hammocks are not removable, but they are retractable. This means you can have your hammock open to enjoy all the fresh air, but you can also close up a tight bug net around it when the mosquitoes or other bugs start coming out. 

Hammock Tarps

Our custom hammocks can be further customized with the right hammock tarp

With plenty of colors to choose from, you can match your tarp with the color of your hammock or mix things up a bit with a matching color. It’s all up to you what color scheme you want to go with.

Hammock tarps are an invaluable part of winter camping, or camping in areas with high winds or a lot of sun.

When it comes to the harsher camping environments you’ll face while teton camping, our hammock tarps will keep you safe and comfortable. With overlapping flaps that function as doors as well as allowing upward airflow, you’ll also find them easy to pack in, set up, and clean.

Our Custom Hammocks Give You More Options, Just Like Hammock Camping Itself

Custom HammocksThe main reason for hammock camping is that it gives you more exposure to the outdoors while also providing more comfort on your trip. No more lying on uneven ground or getting spiders in your tent at night—instead, suspend yourself between two beautiful trees and drift off while the wind gently rocks you to sleep. Sound better? We think so.

Our custom hammocks are lightweight and easy to pack, set up, clean, and put away. When fully packed in their stuffers, they’re super light and can fit in a backpack with ease. 

Setting them up is much easier than setting up a tent, as is taking them down.

Washing them is usually just a matter of setting them on a delicate cycle in the washing machine and letting them air-dry. Compare that to a tent, which needs to be swept out or, if you have a couple people to help you out, flapped around to get out all of the dirt, rocks, and insects that have taken up residence with you on your trip. Then it needs to be hosed down and laid out just right in order to dry, unless you want the trouble of hand-drying it.

You get far more value from our custom hammocks than you would with tents for all of the reasons outlined above, but don’t forget the rugged material that’s been made for both durability and comfort. If you take care of your custom hammock, you can expect it to last a lifetime.

Why Choose Teton Hammock Company For Your Custom Hammocks?

Our custom hammocks are made by campers, for campers. We’ve spent a lot of time outdoors, and it didn’t take us long to realize that hammock camping is far better than tent camping.

So, we set out to create the best custom hammocks we could, with the perfect materials that sustain both the hammock and your comfort, security, and safety while braving the great outdoors.

With a wide variety of colors, hammock types, and tarps, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for you!

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