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Why Camping Hammocks Are Better Than Tents

A lot of people want to get into camping as a hobby, but they’re put off of it for a number of reasons. One of the biggest ones is how cumbersome setting up a tent can be—packing it in, unpacking it, setting it up, cleaning it out after you’re done and putting it all away (and that’s after a few nights of realizing the “level ground” you thought you’d found wasn’t so level after all, as your sore back can attest to).

Let’s be honest, camping can be a lot of work. In fact it can be a real pain. That’s why people who have dreams of becoming avid campers put it off or quit after a few trips.

With the right camping hammocks, however, you’ll soon realize just how much easier and more enjoyable camping can be.

Camping Hammocks Accomplish 2 Main Things

Camping HammocksThese 2 things are in a way paradoxical, but it’s true. They give you:

  • More exposure to the outdoors
  • More comfort

It’s really something that should have become more popular decades ago. Once people experience what camping can be like with the right hammock camping gear, as well as hammock tarps or a good bug net hammock, they typically don’t go back to tent camping.

On the one hand, you get more exposure to the outdoors. While lying in a camping hammock, even one that has a bug net or tarp, you really feel like you’re out there in the woods taking in all the fresh air. Plus, with under-padding and a nice cozy sleeping bag, you’ll find yourself far more comfortable than lying on the ground in a tent, where even if you think you’ve found a nice, uniform area, you’re bound to notice lumps, rocks, or slight inclines inside your tent that you didn’t anticipate. Ever fall asleep on one side of your tent and wake up on the other? We have, plenty of times, and it’s one reason we decided to create the kind of rugged (but also comfortable) camping hammocks that we sell.

Camping Hammocks Give You More Choices On Where To Set Up

Camping HammocksWith a tent, you have to scout the area and make sure you’re on flat ground, being careful to avoid hills, rocks, lumps, bushes, and everything else that gets in your way. 

With camping hammocks, however, you can avoid about 90% of the problems that come with setting up a tent as you’ll be suspended in the air.

Simply find a good spot to hang your hammock—a place between 2 strong trees or something else that can hold your weight—and you’re good to go. 

Set yourself up under some beautiful trees, under a nice rock wall for shade…you can even suspend yourself over a gently flowing stream! In short, you have way more options with a camping hammock than with a tent.

With camping hammocks, there are basically 2 things you need to consider:

  • Sunlight
  • Wind

These things can make your trip uncomfortable if you don’t set up your camping hammock in the right place. Do it in an area where you can avoid these elements and you’re good to go!

Camping Hammocks Are Easier To Set Up Than Tents

Setting up a tent varies depending on the type of tent you have, among other things. 

With camping hammocks, you just need to find the right location. Then, it’s all about:

  • Finding the right trees,
  • Using the right straps, and
  • Picking the right angle and height.

Camping Hammocks Are Lightweight & Save Space

When our camping hammocks are fully wrapped up their stuffers, they weigh mere ounces and can probably fit in your glove compartment or center console. Compare that to a tent, which usually weighs a lot more with all of the poles and takes up a lot of space.

Our Camping Hammocks Provide Far More Value Than Tents

Due to their durable (yet comfortable) materials, our camping hammocks were made to withstand some of the harshest conditions you’ll find while camping, even in the winter!

With strong materials that are easy to clean—simply wash down and air dry—you can expect them to last you a lifetime if taken care of properly.

Why Choose Teton Hammock Company?

Camping HammocksOur camping hammocks are made by campers, for campers. We use HyperD, a lightweight diamond grid nylon fabric designed to be both incredibly strong yet also soft and comfortable enough to sleep in.

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