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Summit 4-Season Tarp


Ships in 4-6 weeks

Water Resistant Fabric

Expedition Quality

Ultralight to Pack

Over the Moon Comfort

Water Proof Fabric

Expedition Quality

Ultralight to Pack

Turbulent Weather Fortified

The Summit 4-Season Hammock Tarp

hammock tarpLike our 3-season hammock tarp, the summit 4-season hammock tarp is made of 1.1 oz sq/yd Silpoly. Why is this important? When wet, polyester stretches less than nylon, keeping it taut if you plan on camping during some nasty weather.

After all, that’s what our hammock tarps and other hammock camping gear is about—giving you a comfortable and efficient way of camping even in rough, nasty camping conditions.


With a 400 d ripstop sewn into each corner and connecting material along the entire length of the tarp’s frame, this durable hammock tarp will remain steady and provide shelter even in some of the windiest conditions you’ll encounter.

Tieout Material

With short but highly durable tieout material, this hammock tarp will remain locked in place. 

You only need 4 stakes to keep the hammock tarp locked in place, as the tieout rope for the doors are long enough to share the corner stakes.


Unlike the 3-season tarp, the 4-season tarp has doors on each end composed of two overlapping layers leaving a small area at the top for ventilation. These layers are held closed using line lock clips connected to the corner stakes via the rope—opening them is as easy as tilting back the line lock to allow for some slack. 


  • Ridgeline length of 12′,
  • Flat width of 116″,
  • Height is 48-54″ from the ground,
  • Dry space is roughly 6.5′ by 7.5′ at average height setup,
  • Side tie-out points feature Line-Loc 3’s with Beastie Dee rings,
  • Door clips on all 4 doors,
  • 23oz in weight.

The 4-season hammock tarp features an optional continuous ridgeline consisting of grey Lash-It 1.75mm, Loop Alien Titanium Micro Hook spliced on the end, two continuous loops of grey Lash-It 1.75mm, and a Loop Alien Titanium RCA at the other end. 

This makes for an easy set up centering of the hammock tarp.

*Note- Tarps do not come with the seams factory-sealed. You will need to use a seam sealer made specifically for silicone coated fabrics. We recommend Seam Grip+SIL from Gear Aid.

Handcrafted For Each Order

Our hammock tarps are made by hammock campers for hammock campers. We use a CAD program to get the most durability with the lightest material possible, giving you a hammock tarp that’s easy to transport and set up, but will also resist some of the nastiest weather you’ll encounter.

Whether it’s high wind, rain, snow, or sleet, you can expect to be protected from the elements under the safety of our 4-season hammock tarp.

The Benefits Of Hammock Tarps

hammock tarpThere are more benefits to hammock camping than can be covered in this single article, but when it comes to hammock tarps, there are some distinct advantages that are easy to sum up:

  • Protection—Our hammock tarps will protect you from harsh weather conditions—you’ll be surprised just how comfortable you can be under the protection of our 4-season hammock tarp.
  • Comfort—Hammock tarps offer you the protection of tent material without requiring you to sleep on the ground—no more unlevel surfaces or unseen rocks and bumps that you don’t notice until after you’ve pitched your tent.
  • Easy to set-up—Setting up a hammock tarp is just as easy as finding a good place to set up a hammock—simply find the right spot and get yourself covered.
General Specifications
Included Tarp order only
(1) Summit 4 Season Tarp

Tarp + Continuous Ridgeline
(1) Summit 4 Season Tarp
(1) 40’ grey Lash-It 1.75mm
(1) Loop Alien Titanium Micro Hook
(2) continuous loops of grey Lash-It 1.75mm
(1) Loop Alien Titanium RCA
Weight 23oz : Even with the extra space and reinforcements, the tarp only weighs a scant 23oz
Best Used For Expedition Camping, Backpacking, Bikepacking, river trips
Dimensions Unpacked:
The 4-season hammock tarp (with doors) has a ridgeline length of 12′ and a flat width of 116″. Height is 48-54″ from the ground depending on the height at which you set it up. At the average height setup, dry space is roughly 6.5′ by 7.5′.
5” x 9”
Materials Tarp:
The Summit 4-season hammock tarps are made from 1.1oz sq/yd Silpoly. As polyester stretches less than nylon when wet, it only seemed natural to use this fabric. With the right combination of ridgeline and tie-out material, your tarp will stay taut in the nastiest of conditions. The 4-season tarp has doors that fold in, keeping the driving rain and snow from dampening your spirits (and your gear!)

The THC tarp continuous ridgeline consists of 40 feet of grey Lash-It 1.75mm, a Loop Alien Titanium Micro Hook spliced on the end, two continuous loops of grey Lash-It 1.75mm, and a Loop Alien Titanium RCA at the other end. This is the easiest way to set up and center your hammock tarp. This complete hammock tarp connection system weighs only 25 grams.
Additional Specs Line-Loc 3’s now standard on side tie-out points with Beastie Dee rings and door clips on all four doors.
The 4-season tarp has doors on the ends.
*Note- Tarps do not come with the seams factory-sealed. You will need to use a seam sealer made specifically for silicone coated fabrics. We recommend Seam Grip+SIL from Gear Aid.


Are the tarps and hammocks made of a waterproof material?

The tarps are made of a water-proof, silicone-coated polyester. We recommend all tarp seams be sealed by the consume. Silicone Seam Sealant.

The hammocks are not waterproof but have a DWR (durable water repellent) coating to make them water-resistant, that helps light spills/water bead up for easy, quick brush-off.

How close do the trees have to be to set-up a tarp or hammock?
To set-up an 11′ hammock, we suggest the trees to be at least 18 feet apart. For more information on hammock set-up, go to

Where are your products made?

ALL of our products are handcrafted in Idaho Falls, ID USA and tested in the Rocky Mountains of the Western USA


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Summit 4-Season Tarp


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