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Live Your Best Camping Life with a Hammock + Mosquito Net!

Here in the United States, more people are camping now than ever before. Though we’d suspected this might be the case based on sheer observation, we now have the numbers to back our theory up. Fresh data indicates that people from over 10 million households camped for the first time within the last year, with three-fourths of them claiming to have a great time and planning to continue camping in the future.

Whether you’re a relative newcomer or a well-seasoned camper, one item you should consider adding to your camping gear is a backwoods camping hammock.  

Lightweight and Easy to Pack

hammocksNobody should carry more weight on the trail than they absolutely must, and one of our favorite aspects of the camping hammock is that it’s lightweight and easy to pack. 

While packing too much stuff will definitely make camping a chore, packing items that make your camping trip more enjoyable is always a good idea. Since a cozy camping hammock will make your trip more comfortable while adding relatively little extra weight or space, the choice is honestly a no-brainer.


While some camping hammocks offer a one-dimensional experience, our custom camping hammocks offer a versatile array of color combinations, giving you freedom to adjust them to suit different needs, tastes, purposes, and environments.


hammocksCamping is all about practicality, and our backwoods hammocks take that into consideration. Our hammocks come with retractable mosquito netting designed to keep you safe and protected from nature’s most insistent pests.

Even when you do everything right, such as carefully choosing your campsite, slathering yourself with insect repellent, and even altering your diet in hopes of attracting fewer mosquitoes, it’s still likely that you’ll be dealing with one or two of them when you settle down to rest.

With a mosquito netting attached to your hammock, however, that’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about when the time comes to relax and take a load off after a long hike.


hammocksWhile hammocks may sound like a frivolous item to pack for a camping trip, once you’ve experienced their benefits, you’ll soon find them indispensable.

After all, hammocks 

  • Are easy to pack and carry
  • Require only minimal set-up
  • Keep you up and away from mud and dirt
  • Increase your protection from insects (both on the ground and in the air, thanks to attached netting)
  • Are easy on your joints
  • Increase your overall relaxation 
  • Suit both sitting and sleeping

No wonder so many people are now packing hammocks for their camping trips!

The Best Hammocks Money Can Buy

hammocksIf you’re going to invest in a camping hammock, why not consider the best hammocks money can buy?

After all, investing in a high-quality product over a cheaper version tends to save you money in the long run.

We live in a world where just about everything can be affordably purchased, disposed of, and re-purchased. It’s easy to think of just about everything as a commodity that way, just because everything we could want or need is so readily available, as long as we can afford it… As long as you can afford the upfront cost, it’s all about playing the long game. (LifeHacker)

Trust me, once you’ve experienced camping with a hammock, you’ll never want to camp without one again. So why not choose a high-quality hammock that can go the distance?

Pairing your hammock with a high-quality hammock tarp just takes things to the next level. Rain or shine, fair weather or foul, your campsite will be that much more comfortable and cozy. 

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