Lead Times vary per product. Stock hammocks ship within 7 days. All other tarps and hammocks have a lead time of 4-6 weeks. Please contact us for quilt lead times.


If there's one thing I want the customers to know is that we are building the best quality gear they can get for their money.

cluse-up of hammock gear

Built to Last

All hammock gear built by the Teton Hammock Company is engineered, built and tested to perform in the harsh, high-altitude conditions of the Teton Mountain Range.

  • extra reinforcements at crucial points
  • double and triple stitched seams
  • extra insulation
All while keeping our weights comparable to other cottage manufacturers’ specs.

Check out our reviews

Great products, hand made in Idaho. Excelent attention to detail, reinforced in the right places.


I absolutely love the hammocks made by the Teton Hammock Company. They are unique in prints, lightweight, and comfortable. You will not be disappointed in any of their products.


I love hammocks but this one is my fave! Looking forward to more products coming online!

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