To hang your hammock with the easiest, most adjustable system available, use the THC Premium Suspension Package. Included are 8' tree straps, Whoopies (infinitely adjustable suspension), and Titanium Whoopie Clips.

Each Premium Suspension Package includes two tree straps with Dutchware Spiders and two whoopie slings with attached Whoopie Clips.


The Spider takes the place of a Marlin Spike/Toggle setup. 

Premium Suspension Package

Whoopies-Head End
Whoopies-Foot End
    • Tree Straps-8' Polyester/Spider Straps
    • Whoopies- These are sold individually so you can pick different colors. Whoopie Slings are one of the most adjustable and lightest way to suspend your hammock. They have a Dutch Clip spliced on the adjustable loop so it can't be pulled into itself. 6' whoopie slings and made out of 7/64th Amsteel-8″ lead standard for most hammocks.
    • The Spider takes the place of a Marlin Spike/Toggle setup

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