(Photos of 4-season Summit Tarp)


The Summit 3 and 4-season tarps are made from 1.1oz sq/yd Silpoly. As polyester stretches less than nylon when wet, it only seemed natural to use this fabric. With the right combination of ridgeline and tie-out material, your tarp will stay taut in the nastiest of conditions. The 4-season tarp has doors that fold in, keeping the driving rain and snow from dampening your spirits (and your gear!) The 3-season tarp does NOT have doors on the ends.



The 3-season tarps (with-out doors) have a ridgeline length  of 12’ and a flat width of 116”.  Height is 48-54” from the ground depending on the height at which you set it up. At the average height setup, “dry space” is roughly 6.5’ by 7.5’. Even with the extra space and reinforcements, the tarp only weighs a scant 20oz. 


Line-Loc 3's now standard on all tieout points.


Each tarp is handcrafted for each order, so please allow for our lead time of 3-4 weeks when you order.

Summit 3-Season Tarp

Continuous Ridgeline
  • All THC Teton Crest tarps are designed using a CAD program for the most bomb-proof design available. This allows us to ensure catenary curves are correct, which is integral in having your tarp pitch as taut as possible.

  • The Dutchware continuous ridgeline consists of 30 feet of either yellow Zing-It 1.75 mm or grey Lash-It 1.75mm, a Dutch Hook spliced on the end, and two soft shackles (of  either grey Lash-It 1.75mm or yellow Zing-It  1.75mm) and a Tarp Wasp at the other end.  This is the easiest way to set up and center your tarp. 

    Continuous Ridgeline with Soft Shackles- We start with 30 feet of Lash-It or Zing-it and splice a Dutch Hook on the one end.  To connect and center your tarp we provide two soft shackles that work as prussics.  Lastly there is a Wasp to connect your ridgeline to the opposing tree.  This complete tarp connection system weighs only 19 grams and only costs $40.00

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