The Dutchware continuous ridgeline consists of 30 feet of either yellow Zing-It 1.75 mm or grey Lash-It 1.75mm, a Dutch Hook spliced on the end, and two soft shackles (of  either grey Lash-It 1.75mm or yellow Zing-It  1.75mm) and a Tarp Wasp at the other end.  This is the easiest way to set up and center your tarp. 

Continuous Ridgeline with Soft Shackles- We start with 30 feet of Lash-It or Zing-it and splice a Dutch Hook on the one end.  To connect and center your tarp we provide two soft shackles that work as prussics.  Lastly there is a Wasp to connect your ridgeline to the opposing tree.  This complete tarp connection system weighs only 19 grams and only costs $40.00

Tarp Continuous Ridgeline

Continuous Ridgeline
Soft Shackles

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