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Laying in a Hammock can be therapeutic?

camping hammock….please seek your doctor’s or chiropractor’s instruction before taking this advice seriously but this is our experience – sleeping in a camping hammock can be good for your back and circulation system. I have been thinking a lot about this topic because of Marc always being injured from his weekly Jujitsu classes. I guess being older and Martial Arts aren’t compatible to not physically hurting, haha.

We first made this connection with one of our son’s friends who loved sleeping in the camping hammock he purchased from THC. He enjoyed it so much that his parents let him install eye hooks in his room when winter came along. He started reporting that his back pain and genetic nerve problems were going away. He attributed this to sleeping in his camping hammock every night.

Personally, we have noticed that sleeping in a camping hammock after a strenuous backpack trip can lessen sore muscles and help with overall leg circulation. We started permanently hanging one, in our basement. Whenever, I would go out of town, it was the preferred sleeping destination for Marc because it helped his back and sore muscles feel better.

I personally like sleeping in a camping hammock to help lessen my anxiety. I discovered this a few years ago that the natural gentle rocking motion is soothing to my nerves. It is comforting to sit in a camping hammock to read or take a nap.

camping hammockReally if you have the right equipment and correctly lay in the camping hammock, it will be the best night’s sleep you’ll ever have even if you don’t have back or nerve problems and a comfortable night’s sleep just makes camping more fun. With a camping hammock, you don’t wake up in the middle of the night because of the “Princess and the Pea” scenario where you feel the tiniest pebble or ground imperfection.

Enjoying the outdoors, just got more fun with the great equipment from the Teton Hammock Company.

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girl sitting and smiling in a blue hammock by a lake
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