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Hammock Gear that will last a lifetime.

In August, our oldest mountain-air-loving son got married to another outdoor enthusiast. All winter, they have been planning their summer backpacking trips, making lists of needed equipment and purchasing gear to prepare for their adventures.

Our Oldest son getting married

Watching them has reminded us of our first few years of marriage. After a few disastrous backpacking experiences, with substandard equipment, it was a goal of ours to have quality equipment. Interestingly enough, much of that quality equipment has lasted us over 25 years, through raising 4 camping kids and countless trips.

When starting THC, that was one of Marc’s goals, to create top-quality gear that lasts through our harsh Rocky Mountain climates. Sometimes, I watch him sew and marvel at the perfectionism he embodies with every stitch. I sometimes say the phrase my dad would occasionally use, “You’re not building a piano,” which is often met with a look of disgust. To him, it is more important than a piano, it is the difference between wanting to go back to the mountain again or not. To try to dare the weather or stay home.


Marc and RebeccaHere at Teton Hammock Company, harsh weather is the norm. Often, when speaking with other hard-core backpackers they talk about how they stop camping at 40 degrees, but here that is the normal summer night temperatures. If we stopped camping with those temperatures, we would never be camping. It is normal to be camping in high altitudes and have a violent storm come out of NOWHERE! Our equipment is meant to withstand unexpected weather, like snow that is falling horizontally!

If you want equipment that will last over 25 years, you need to take a serious look at Teton Hammock Company gear….


Happy Hammocking – Rebecca Bohman


Marc and Rebecca
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