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Bacon Ranch Ramen

Making tasty backpacking meals on your own can be tricky. Here’s our favorite ramen recipe for the trail- Bacon Ranch Ramen.



1/2-3/4 large bottle of Shelf stable Parmesan Cheese

1 Ranch Dressing packet

1/4 c Whole milk powder

3 Tbsp Sour Cream powder

Black pepper

Shelf Stable Bacon bits



Prep: Remove 1/2-1/4 of Parm cheese from it’s container. Add the dry ingredients into the container, and shake.

Pack 1 package of Ramen per person, the Parm mix, and bacon bits.

In Field: Cook noodles, properly discard all but 1/4 cup of the extra water per person. Add Parm mix to the water and noodles. Mix until thick and creamy. Add Bacon bits. Enjoy!


Tips, Substitutions etc;

Additions- instead of bacon bits (or in addition to), use sundried tomatoes. store these in a separate bag from your dry ingredients

Substitute ramen for dehydrated pasta of your choice. Store this in a separate bag (with or without tomatoes)

Instead of getting a large can of parm, you can get those small packets of parm cheese from a pizza shop and mix it in on the trial.

You can play with the ratios a bit depending on your taste, we really like the parm cheese so we use a lot.

Sour cream powder or milk powder aren’t totally necessary, but they do make a HUGE difference in texture and creaminess. Look for sour cream powder online in advance, and find WHOLE milk powder in the baby formula section. Looks like this at Walmart. You can also find these products on Amazon.


We hope you Enjoy our tasty trail meal. Let us know how it goes!

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